So here we are, 6 plus months into the COVID-19 pandemic. It's no longer on the primary news story most days... It's not always the main topic of conversation most days...But it's anything but gone from out minds. these days, reaching for a mask before you head out is as common as reaching for your keys or phone. Because there's been some major shifts in our day-to-day lives, I have some fairly inexpensive items that make life in Iowa during this pandemic a little more bearable.

  • Anti-fog spray for anyone who wears glasses, even if you work outside and wear sunglasses. You can simply spray it on, and it keeps your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask. You can get a 2 ounce container for under $12. If you wear safety goggles for work, this product is even less expensive. With temps changing in Iowa this time of year, you'll never leave this behind if you wear glasses or goggles for work.
  •  A selfie ring light. Okay, lets face it: We're all using Zoom, FaceTime, Teams etc. a LOT more. In Iowa, a lot of John Deere employees will be working from home until early 2021 (or longer). I talked to a friend who works for Veridian Credit Union and she's also working from home for the rest of 2020. My morning show partner Tiffany swears by selfie ring lights and, they're really are the simplest way to light yourself and look better in video calls. Unless you want an overhaul in your living room?
  • mask with a clear plastic window that allows people can see your mouth. For certain professions, say you see clients, this is a great way to still be YOU while protecting those you come in contact with. We have mandatory mask mandates in bother Waterloo and Cedar Falls, so if you have someone come to a showroom, or meet them at a home or office, you can still be expressive and convey emotion. You probably don't need it all the time, but they make it a little easier for people to understand you. You can get them on Etsy for $25. I'd imagine the longer this pandemic drags on, the more likely we'll be to see these in stores.
  • Soundproofing strips that fit around the edge of any standard door. As we talked about earlier, more people are working from home. Might as well do so quietly! These will run you less than $9.
  • A windproof ski mask. Winter's coming... mask mandates are in place. You can now look like an old cartoon criminal and NOT get kicked out of Walmart! It's a face covering and cold weather protection all in one!
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