Farmers have filed a class action lawsuit against Monsanto over dicamba herbicide drift issues. The lawsuit focuses on the off-label use of dicamba that led to drift damage in ten states last year. DTN says the new case, a class action suit filed in the U.S. District Court in Missouri, has two farmers from Missouri as lead plaintiffs.

The lawsuit was filed by the same Missouri-based legal firm that also sued Monsanto over dicamba drift in November 2016 on behalf of a Missouri fruit and row-crop operation. Attorneys representing the farmers say they expect “hundreds of farmers” will eventually join the class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit is open to farmers who experienced damage from illegal dicamba drift in 2016 from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Illegal, off-label, over the top use of a Monsanto dicamba product led to drift damage to crops that were not tolerant to dicamba. The new lawsuit contends that Monsanto is responsible for the off-label dicamba use and damage.

Source;  NAFB News

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