For anyone who's ready to write off Winter 2020 as 'mild', 'easy' or 'over', the Farmer's Almanac would disagree. In fact, they're calling for a colder than average March here in Northeastern Iowa. Oh, and one with SNOW too.

But before I curse and question why I live in Iowa during the winter, I want to first share their late February prediction with you:

February 26-29th - Snow north, rain south.

Yeeeah, not so much. With a lovely weekend in store, and a very, very mild last full week that included neither snow nor rain (for the CV anyway), it's hard to believe they'll be right about March. That said, here's the Almanac's prediction for the end of winter/start of spring 2020:

March 1-9th - Periods of rain and snow, then sunny, very cold. (YUCK)

March 10-14th - Sunny, warm (YAY!)

March 15-21st - Snow north, rain south; cold (UGH)

March 22-26th - Sunny, cold

March 27-31st - Snow, then sunny, cool

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Do you buy it? I'm calling 'BS' on 'em. But maybe it's because I'm an optimist. We shall see. At least the groundhog is on our side for an early spring!

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