Farm-state Senators have been keeping pressure on the Environmental Protection Agency over its actions on biofuels.

Politico’s Morning Energy says the small group of Senators has been blocking votes on EPA nominees.

South Dakota Senator John Thune is a member of the group, who says, “We have enough of a bloc of Midwestern Senators that they’re going to have to pay attention to us.” Iowa Senator Joni Ernst held up a scheduled Environment and Public Works Committee vote on Wednesday, saying her frustration level is “pretty high” over the Trump administration’s stance on biofuels. Ernst says, “We want to know that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is going to follow the spirit of the law. I have no doubt that they’ll try to follow the letter of the law. However, the spirit of the law is all about energy independence for the United States.”

The group of Senators wants a written guarantee or a public announcement from the administration that they will do everything they can to support the renewable fuels industry in America.

Source:  NAFB News

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