A man posing as a veterinarian admits to taking part in a $4.7 million investment fraud scheme in Missouri.

A Drovers’ report says Robert D. Hawkins has consented that he aided Cameron J. Hager in defrauding more than 90 investors across 21 states in the scheme.

The Missouri Secretary of State’s Securities Division says Hawkins allegedly posed as a veterinarian for documents on the company, called 5A Holdings, LLC. Hager served as the owner of 5A Holdings and ran the scheme from July 17, 2015, through March 28, 2018.

Hager allegedly told investors he would buy cattle from “financially-distressed” farmers and would have a seasoned veterinarian look them over. He would then feed the cattle until the optimum time came to sell them. The “seasoned veterinarian” was Hawkins, who never actually looked over the cattle because none were ever purchased.

Hawkins is cooperating with authorities in any pending proceedings for the case.

Source:  NAFB News


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