An ethics complaint against Republican Senator Dan Zumbach over the Supreme Beed feedlot has been dismissed by a senate panel. The complaint alleged that Zumbach pressured officials to approve the feedlot’s permits for his son-in-law.

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According to KMCH, the complaint, which was filed by four members of the Committee to Save Bloody Run, accuses Zumbach of:

  • Pushing the DNR to allow a manure storage basin in karst terrain, which goes around state la
  • Urging the DNR staff to approve an “after the fact” stormwater permit- even though construction had been going on for months
  • Influencing the Environmental Protection Commission against the DNR’s recommendation to refer Walz Energy to the Iowa Attorney General’s office for further legal action
  • If Zumbach contacted the DNR Director on behalf of his son-in-law’s business when the DNR was set to reject Supreme Beef’s nutrient management plan.

According to the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, Zumbach had every right to do what he did. One Democrat on the committee said that some of his actions were “eyebrow-raising” but did join the committee in dismissing the case.

A report by Radio Iowa said Zumbach does not have a financial stake in the lot and that his advocacy on his son-in-law’s behalf is the same as any constituent navigating the regulatory process.

Iowa DNR and Sierra Club Lawsuit

There haven’t been many updates released regarding the lawsuit involving the Iowa DNR and the Sierra Club over the feedlot’s permits.

Last month Clayton County District Court judge says he will rule soon on the lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Supreme Beef.

The Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club sued last September after Supreme Beef was granted a permit for an 11,600 head feedlot near Bloody Run Creek, a prized trout stream near Monona IA.

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