Unbeknownst to many people, including myself, the peak time for one of the year's top meteor showers was just a couple of days ago. The showers known as the Quadrantids peaked on January 2nd. It's a time of year for many, especially in the Midwest, that viewing meteors can get a bit, well, chilly to say the least. But thanks to a city camera in North Liberty, we have proof they happened!

Every year, the Quads as we'll call them, appear in early January. According to Space.com, they appear in the night sky near the Big Dipper's handle. They are tricky to spot too because they have a very short-lived display time. And while we didn't have a full moon to compete with to view them this year, enthusiasts in North America most likely found them hard to see this year as we were simply facing the 'wrong way' when the peak of the showers occurred. But thanks to some lucky timing from a city camera in North Liberty, we at least have this shot to admire.

KWWL shared the video on their Facebook page. Sure, it isn't quite like seeing one of the Quads in person, but it is a glimpse of something that few of us are lucky enough to see in real life.

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