We aren’t even a month into winter and I am already ready for the warm weather.

In August the Farmer’s Almanac released its winter predictions. Those predictions told us that Iowa was in Hibernation Zone that will be Glacial and Snow-Filled.


In December, we got our first taste of this with the winter storm that brought blizzards, high winds, snowfall, and record-cold temperatures across the United States. This week, we are getting reports of another snowstorm that is expected to hit much of Iowa.

Since 1818 the Farmer’s Almanac has tried to help people plan for the upcoming weather conditions by giving their extended forecast.

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And looking at the long-range weather forecast for Iowa in the Farmer’s Almanac, it doesn’t look like we are going to get out of the winter weather anytime soon. The predictions for the rest of January and February include “cold”, “very cold” “snowstorm”, and “snowy”.

While we do not have any long-term predictions available for the summer, the Farmer’s Almanac does give us a sneak peek at what we can expect.

According to their Annual Weather Summery, summer will be “hotter and drier than normal”. These early predictions say that the hottest periods will be in mid-to-late June, mid-July, and early and late August.

While we are barely even a month into winter, these hot temperatures are something to look forward to, especially as we prepare for this winter ahead.

So, if you like me and hate the cold, this may be the news you need to get through the cold days ahead of us.

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