It’s only the beginning of August and already people are looking ahead to see what kind of winter we are going to have. The Farmers Almanac recently released its winter predictions which comes with good news for the winter-loving Iowans out there.


Since 1818 the Farmers Almanac has tried to help people plan for the upcoming winter by giving their extended forecast. While most of Iowa is currently experiencing a heat advisory, winter predictions may be welcome with open arms.

There has been so much going on this year. Between the extreme summer heat and rising fuel and heating prices, the Farmer’s Almanac decided to release its predictions early this year.

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So, think twice before you wish away this hot weather because pretty soon you will be dusting off the snow shovel. Predictions show that we should expect winter to come a little early this year. The Farmers Almanac predicts that December will be stormy and cold nationwide.

Looking at the winter weather map, Iowa is in the Hibernation Zone. It will be Glacial and Snow-Filled.

Luckily Iowa won’t be seeing the worst of this. The Great Lakes areas, Northeast, and North Central regions will be seeing “significant” and “unreasonably” cold conditions.

The Farmers Almanac’s predictions are even warning people of more record-breaking temperatures… well record cold temperatures.

So, if you like me and hate the cold, this may not be the best news but sounds like it is just going to be just about what you would expect with winter in the Midwest.

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