When I woke up this morning to see that part of Iowa is expecting more snow Thursday night, I’ll admit I was not amused. Now thankfully reports right now don’t predict snow in eastern Iowa (knock on wood), but the end has to be near right?

These seemingly never-ending forecasts of snow have me daydreaming about warmer times. Yes, I’m talking about summer.

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Our friends over at the Farmer’s Almanac have released their 2023 summer outlook, and it looks like summer is going to be another “sizzler”. According to their predations, Iowa will be broiling and wet.

If you thought last summer was hot, start preparing yourself for what the Almanac refers to as a “summer sizzler”. Last summer was ranked the third hottest summer in 128 years.

via Farmers Almanac
via Farmers Almanac

Peter Geiger, the Farmers Almanac editor and philomath says, “our forecast is pointing towards a long, hot summer with the heat feeling unrelenting, hanging on from June through September. Even regions in the north will see very warm temperatures, and for some places, dry conditions as well.”

In fact, the Almanac’s long-rage forecast says that this “summer may bring record-breaking temperatures that might make this summer the hottest summer in the last century.”  While summer officially starts on June 21st, forecasts are predicting rising temperatures before then.

The prediction says that the central states, such as Iowa, can expect plentiful rain, which could be good news for our area after last year’s record drought conditions.

The only areas that should be wary of dry conditions this summer in New England and the west.

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