Ag Aviation Association Asks Drone Operators to Be Cautious of Ag Aircraft

The National Agriculture Aviation Association is reminding UAV, or drone users to be aware of agricultural aircraft throughout the growing season.

Agricultural aviators fly as low as ten feet off the ground, meaning they share airspace with UAVs that are limited to flying no more than 400 feet above ground level. For this reason, the National Agricultural Aviation Association is asking UAV operators to do everything they can to avoid ag aircraft.

Association Executive Director Andrew Moore says "It's incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for agricultural aviators to see UAVs," adding "that's why it's so important for UAV operators to be aware of agricultural aviation operations." The Association recommends that UAV operators equip drones with tracking technology, such as ADS-B, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, as to allow other aircraft to know the location of the drone, along with equipping UAVs with strobe lights.

Further, the Association says UAVs must, under law, give the right-of-way to a manned aircraft.

Source:  NAFB News

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