Last Friday, the DNR was contacted about a 7,500-gallon oil spill in Eldora at a farm supply shop. A week later, crews are still working to clean and monitor the area.

In a story by Radio Iowa, Carl Berg with the DNR says crews have dug up and around the fuel tank at Agvantage Farm Supply.

We're still evaluating the site to see the extent of the contamination.  The D-N-R is working with their determine the extent of the spill.

It was a 10-thousand gallon tank that leaked around 75 hundred gallons of unleaded gas, says Berg. Crews are still working to determine how far the gas seeped into the soil.

It appears to be localized in that vicinity, but they are still working to narrow that down.

The spill was reported last Friday by workers at the bank next door to the station when they noticed the gas smell inside their building. Precautions that are set up to catch leaks failed to do so.

They have leak detection installed and it appears that it may have failed or didn't operate properly.

According to Berg, crews will continue to keep an eye on the site even after initial investigations are done.

Eventually, this will kind of get turned over to our underground storage tank section to further monitor, and then most likely this site will be monitored for an extended period to determine if there is any contamination that might move off-site or migrate into the groundwater,

Contaminated soil is being sent to the landfill and any gas they find on the ground will be safely disposed of.

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