Extremely wet or snowy conditions have caused lengthy harvest delays for a number of farmers across rural America. It’s possible in some cases that the moisture content has gotten so high, the crop can’t be physically harvested with normal harvesting equipment. With the end of the insurance period on December 10 for most of the spring-planted crops, farmers need to know they have options they can take with regards to crop insurance coverage.

Farmers need to call their agents to talk about the possibility of more harvest time so claims can be settled based on harvested production. Approved insurance providers can allow more harvest time if certain conditions are met. The requirements include timely notice of loss to each agent.

A farmer’s insurance provider must determine and document that the delay in harvest was due to an insured cause of loss. Farmers must also demonstrate to their agent that harvest wasn’t possible due to insured causes. They also must show the delay in harvest wasn’t because the farmer didn’t have sufficient equipment or manpower to harvest the crop by the end of the insurance period.

More information is available on the Risk Management Agency’s website.

Source;  NAFB News

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