The sentencing for a Northeast Iowa man, convicted of killing his wife last November, has been delayed again, but this time the delay is due to the Corvid-19 pandemic and how it is restricting access to court services.

42 year old Todd Mullis of rural Earlville, was to be sentenced on March 17th, but the hearing was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Another sentencing hearing has been set for July 14th. Mullis may also ask for a new trial before the sentencing; he claims he had ineffective council in the first trial in Dubuque County District Court.

In November of 2018, Todd Mullis called authorities, to report his wife, Amy, was found seriously injured on their Earlville farm. Todd claimed she had fallen on a corn rake. Amy was taken to an area hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

After an investigation that began the following February, authorities charged Todd Mullis with first degree murder.

During the trial, prosecutors claimed Todd killed his wife, because she was having an affair. His defense lawyers countered that someone else had killed her.

Mullis was convicted of 1st Degree Murder on September 23rd of 2019. His sentencing had been delayed twice, to March 17th; however with this latest delay, the hearing will now be held on July 14th.

Prior to the sentencing, which would be the mandatory life in prison, Mullis may also file for a retrial. He claims that he had an ineffective defense team.

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