When you tell your kids to go outside and play, it's typically to get them out from behind a screen of some kind whether that's a computer, cellphone, or tablet screen. While it's important for all of us to put our phones down and enjoy the outdoors, the City of Davenport announced they are adding Wi-Fi hotspots/zones to five neighborhood parks.

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On Thursday, the City of Davenport announced in a social media post that five parks in the city will be getting a new technological feature, free Wi-Fi. Davenport officials say that the free Wi-Fi hotspots/zones will be for public use.

City officials said in the social media post,

"As education, health services, and social connections move online, the City recognizes the importance of providing options to promote outdoor activity while still meeting the demands of connectivity."


The five parks that will be getting free Wi-Fi hotspots/zones include:

  • Centennial Park
  • Cork Hill Park
  • Emeis Park
  • Fejervary Learning Center
  • Herington Park

It will be extremely beneficial for all of these parks to have free Wi-Fi hotspots/zones, but Centennial Park having this new feature will be extremely beneficial, especially when you think about all of the events and people that come to the park. Between farmers' markets, the 4th of July fireworks, and countless events at Centennial park, many people will be able to stay connected to the internet with free Wi-Fi.

City of Davenport via Facebook
City of Davenport via Facebook

The City of Davenport Davenport said in the social media post that the free Wi-Fi hotspots/zones will be installed and maintained by Metronet.

There is no word on when the Wi-Fi hotspots/zones will be up and running but we can only hope it is soon.

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