After what was a long and very widespread cold spell nationwide in mid February, here in Iowa, we can expect to pay for it for the next 12 months. That's what the Cedar Falls Utility company is warning its patrons. According to a report from the Courier, Cedar Falls residents (and likely those all over the Midwest) can expect to see an increase of $45 per month. Also impacted will be costumers electric bills. Those will likely increase by $75 for the next two months in an attempt to recoup large natural gas bills the CFU was forced to pay during the cold snap last month.

February in Iowa is already historically the coldest temperature with the average temp most years hovering around 9 degrees. This year in Waterloo, our average temperature was only 1 degree with Valentine's Day breaking some Iowa records for cold this year. Of course, much of the reason we'll be paying more is due to the unprecedented cold that hits Texas and the southern part of the country. While Iowans and Iowa's infrastructure is prepared to handle multiple days of sub-zero temps, Texas and most southern states are not. We've heard horror stories of customers or businesses racking up bills as high as $16K+ due to the stress on the energy grid.

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While we aren't likely to see bills anywhere near that high, we'll definitely notice the cost increase for the foreseeable future. My wife and I own a gas fireplace. I think we'll keep it off for now. Since it will be in the mid to upper 40's this week, I don't think we'll miss it too much.

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