Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson has a warning to anyone who's gotten a call saying there's a warrant out for their arrest: it's a scam. The scam, which involves the attempted victim to receiving a call allegedly from the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, indicates there's a warrant with your name on it. But you can alleviate the situation by paying the sheriff’s office. This is, of course, not how things work.

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In an email to this station, Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson reminds citizens this isn't how the county handles warrants.

If you have any doubts as to whether you have a warrant or not, please do not hesitate to come to the sheriff’s office personally to find out.

If you are ever suspicious of a call that you received, you can call the sheriff’s office at: 319-291-2587, or your the police department. If this scam sounds familiar, it's because scammers are doing this in other Iowa counties as well. A story from Louisiana this past week highlights how unintelligent some scammers are. Scammers in Ouachita, a parish in Louisiana, mispronounced the parish's name in their phone scam where they told the recipient to send them a cash card to pay for a fine they owe. Again, don't fall for phone scams.

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