I'd love to have the luck some people have. Especially the ones that say they never have any, then have ONE tremendous bout of good luck. They always seem to hit it big. Take, for example, Amber Black of Cedar Rapids. She turned a 5-spot into $50K playing an Iowa Lottery scratch game. What's the most you've won playing the lottery? My record is $100. Which, isn't bad I suppose. But it's not 50,000 Washingtons, either!

Amber got all her money playing a pretty simple game

Amber scored her $50,000 playing the Iowa Lottery's "20X Cash" scratch-off game. She is the second to win the top prize in this particular game. Amber purchased her lucky lotto ticket at the Hy-Vee Gas at 1440 32nd St. in Cedar Rapids. So just how lucky was Amber Black to win the $50,000 grand prize? The odds on the jackpot on this ticket is 1 in 125,865.00. So, she was, you know, pretty lucky to win.

Amber Black/Iowa Lottery
Amber Black/Iowa Lottery

Eastern Iowa winners

Amber joins a recent rash of Eastern Iowa lotto jackpot winners. Our sister station K92.3 just had a similar story of a listener who scored a $30,000 payday - and in Black Hawk County alone, winners have pocketed $150,000 this summer alone. And there was a $100,000 winner from the county back in April.

_IA 20X Cash 555 comp
20X Cash Game - the ticket Amber Black won - Iowa Lottery

The moral of the story is not to empty your wallet and go buy every scratch ticket in the case, the moral is just make friends with anyone who has good luck! Or, claims they don't...

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