We all love a good visit to Target. I mean, I'm a fan of saying, "I'm going to Target, see you in $200" before I make a visit to the Bullseye. But Target, like many other retailers, had dabbled in more efficient ways to get customers out the door quicker, while not having to hire more cashiers.

I am talking about... self-checkout—the dreaded, at least to many, self-checkout.

Target has made a major change to its self-checkout policy

If you haven't been to a Target store in a minute, they have begun implementing a rule that effectively makes its self-checkout lanes express lanes. In their press release, Target said they're limiting the self-checkout lanes to 10 items or fewer at most of their nearly 2,000 stores.


The retailer is also committed to having more team members (humans) to assist customers during the checkout process. Something I think many of us have been hoping for.

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Target said they tested the 10 items of fewer rule at 200 stores last fall and that the results merited the change company wide. It sems like a decent compromise right? Those who find the self-checkout work well can continue to use them, if they have 10 or fewer items. While the rest of the customer base can have an actual person assist.

Target's main competitor Walmart hasn't adopted the items limit policy, they do have an app feature that allows customers to scan their items and pay from their cell phone and bypass all forms of checkout. Walmart's sister chain Sam's Club also have this option.

Does the self-checkout change make you happy? I may the only one on planet earth that likes self-checkout. Don't get me wrong, if I had 56 items, I'd be far less inclined to use it, but I think it's a smart option for people in a hurry, or that don't want to wait in  long lines. Adding more employees to check custumers out is a HUGE help.

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