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Here's a story with a purr-fect ending.

A cat is now warm inside a home after being stranded in a tree in a Waterloo neighborhood for several days in snow and freezing temperatures. The kitty is safe, thanks to local utility workers.

A crew from Mid-American Energy rescued the gray feline Tuesday afternoon. In an email, company spokesman Geoff Greenwood said the cat had been in a tree in the 400 block of Locust Street since Friday.

"Someone called our customer experience center to ask if someone could stop by with a bucket truck to help rescue a cat stranded high up in a tree," Greenwood wrote. "While we don’t normally do this, one of our linemen was nearby, available and willing to help. When our lineman arrived, he determined it was safe to proceed. So he obsessively, relentlessly rescued the cat, which has now officially used up one of its nine lives!"

Mid-American Energy posted a photo of the utility crew rescuing the cat on twitter, along with some information about the rescue. In the tweet, company officials said the kitty was in a warm and loving home a few minutes later.

"We rarely get called for incidents like this, but once in a great while we get a request to rescue a stranded cat," Greenwood said. "More often it involves a power pole."

**NOTE: Cat in above photo is NOT the cat that was rescued in Waterloo.**

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