The last month has been quite the whirlwind for Altoona's Carson King.

It's been a month long saga, that started with what was supposed to be just a funny sign (asking for beer money) trying to get on TV during ESPN'S College Gameday show at the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game. Much to his surprise, money started rolling into King's Venmo account. King did the right thing, and made a quick decision to donate the money to the Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. Then the donations started growing...and growing...with matching funds being promised by Busch Beer and Venmo. Not too long after that, the the controversy started, a Des Moines Register reporter dug up eight year old offensive tweets from King's Twitter account. Immediately, Anheuser-Busch severed ties with King, promising to honor their pledge but there would be no free beer coming for King.

Mike Schonhorst via Facebook
Credit - Mike Schonhorst via Facebook

Now, the good news. A Huxley, IA insurance agent named Mike Schonhorst hated to see that King "went through so much, and still didn't get any beer". "Again, it just didn't seem right that he didn't get the beer he was after to begin with". Schonhorst purchased 30 cases of Busch Light from the local Fareway store to give to King. The manager of the store even chipped in $100 in support. So, as they say, "all's well that ends well", King got his beer and, most importantly, Iowan's (and people from all over the U.S.) came together to raise money for a cause we can all stand behind, the kids. #FTK

Carson King via Twitter
Credit - Keith Murphy via Twitter

A $3 million check will officially be donated to the hospital at this Saturday night's Iowa vs. Penn State game at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. It would be a good guess, that they present the check right after the 1st quarter ends, following the traditional "Wave" to the kids. A fitting end, to one of the most "feel good" stories in a long, long time.

Credit WHO TV

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