There is no better way to learn about farming than being on the farm but for some schools, this is not possible. So, if you’re unable to get your/your kid’s class on a farm there are other alternatives to learn the inner working of the food industry.

Photo by Julián Amé on Unsplash
Photo by Julián Amé on Unsplash

The free Discover Dairy’s Adopt-A-Cow program classrooms throughout the country can connect with local farmers as they “adopt” one of their calves.

During the 2021-22 school year, 7 dairy farmers from the Midwest Dairy were able to connect with over 3,500 classrooms and 74,000 students. Paige Roberts, a Minnesota dairy farmer said that during the school year she shared updates about three calved with 415 classrooms adding up to 11,000 students in Minnesota said an article in Midwest Messenger.

Not only is Roberts giving a glimpse into the workings of a dairy farm, but she is also showing them that females can play a large on the farm.

Calf sticking head through fence

And Roberts isn’t alone. Women account for 77 percent of the dairy farmers that are involved with the Adopt-A-Cow program in the Midwest Dairy region.

Throughout the program, students get to know their calf’s name, birthday, where she lives, and how the farmer takes care of her. As part of the program, Discover Dairy Program will send pictures, activity sheets, and a PowerPoint of information and pictures.

Students are even encouraged to write letters to their calf and the host farm family.

Classroom registration for the 2022-23 school year is currently being accepted through September 15th.

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