We asked bartenders in the Cedar Valley annoying habits customers have. We ranked their responses here.

The other day, I read a tweet that had a bartender tweeting that "craft beer drinkers were the most annoying customers." She went on to say that the reason was because "craft beer drinkers" will need to know what brewery the beer comes from, the name of the brewer, the alcohol content, and will ask 1,000 more questions but then will only tip 1 dollar after all that.

When I was 21, I was that "new to the bar" customer and I would ask the bartenders to make what ever shot they like to drink, like to make, or whatever they want. I was also naive enough to think that I was the first person to ever come up with the idea of having a bartender choose a drink. Not only was I not being innovative at all, it's so cliche, it's one of the most annoying requests bartenders get.

Here's a look at rest of the responses that bartenders gave for annoying customer habits.

    1. Tapping the bar with your empty glass or shaking the ice in an empty glass.
    2. Taking forever to decide what you want. It's packed and bartenders are busy. Have your drink order read to go.
    3. Can you pick something? "Can you make me a drink/shot? I want it to taste good, and be somewhat strong, but not too expensive."
  1. Can you make it strong but I don't want to pay for a double. "This I tell ya brother... You can have one without the other!"
  2. Can I get a good drink? "Sorry no, we only make bad ones here."
  3. I know "Last Call" was 10 minutes ago, but can I get a drink? "No."
  4. Can I get a beer? "Should I just pick any beer I want to?"
  5. Cliches "This one is on the house, right?" "Never heard that one before. Please don't bother paying."

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