Kwik Star (Trip) parfaits are being recalled, due to an allergy concern, over some unplanned nuts in the convenience store deserts.

The convenience store chain, based in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, announced a recall of their Kitchen Cravings Strawberry and Mixed Berry Parfaits, in the 8.25 oz cups, with a sell-by date of December 6th of 2018.

Undeclared traces of cashews and almonds may be mixed in with the parfaits. The recall was announced after a chocolate covered nut was found in granola mix from a company that supplies Kwik Star (and Kwik Trip) stores with the product.

As a precaution, the parfaits were removed from the store shelves due to the danger of an adverse reaction to consumers who may be allergic to cashews or almonds.

So far, no illnesses have been reported. The parfaits had been sold in Kwik Star stores in Iowa, and Kwik Trip convenience stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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