Holiday shopping is a nightmare. Here's what we can do to help.

Just as there's a clear difference between men and woman (see photo above) there is a clear difference between shopping and buying. Ladies (generally) like shopping. Going to different stores, trying on clothes, talking to clerks/store owners, and getting opinions. Guys (generally) go out buying. Tell me EXACTLY what you want and where to get it. If I can make a bee line from the door, to the item, to the checkout and back to the door, this is a successful buying experience.

That's why the most important 3 words of Christmas gift shopping are:


Take the time to figure out what you need or want and jot it down for other people. There's nothing more annoying than when someone says, "Oh you don't have to get me anything." (My mom does this all the time.) I'M GOING TO GET YOU SOMETHING! Deal with it. (Oh, and side note... please don't ask for gift cards. Don't make me put a dollar amount on how much I love you. Even if there is a set dollar limit, then I HAVE to give you the maximum. Don't do that to a person.) I almost wish I could just take that wedding registry gun and register a Christmas wish list.

I make lists for 2 very important reasons.

Number 1:

"I'm sick of getting stuff I don't want." This one is on me. I would go years of not giving any ideas and so people had to guess what they would think I want. It really is mean to do to someone.

Number 2:

"I don't want anyone standing in a mall, thinking of what they should get me." I want them to know exactly what they can get me AND where to find it. Whether they can buy it online or in a store, I'll tell them exactly where it is. I'll even tell them the price of all the items on the list. I don't care if someone gets me the least expensive thing on the list. Who cares? I'm still getting what I want, if you are the first person to buy the cheap item, good for you. (Another reason I advocate for the registry gun.)

Also, a new survey said we spend almost 3 hours picking out gifts for our significant other, kids, and over and hour and half to pick out gifts for our parents. That's an absurd amount of time.

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