During this time of immense uncertainty, one thing many may forget is that for many kids, going to school means a meal or two. For many area children, not having class can mean not eating. One area business that is working to insure kids DO have a meal is Blue Barn BBQ in Cedar Falls. A post on the business Facebook reads,

Hey, Friends! There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the world right now, and I feel we have a responsibility to come together as a community and do our part to make sure everyone is helping to carry the load. For our part, starting tomorrow, through as long as we are able, we will be offering a free meals to any kid that need one, no questions asked. While this level of uncertainty is new to most, there are those that feel it every day when they have to try and put food on the table.

We'll work to provide some simple options for meals, like a hot dog or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and hope that it helps ease at least some people's nerves as we move into the future.

If you have the means and wish to help us see this through, please reach out to me and we'll see what we can do!

Please SHARE this with anyone that may benefit from knowing that there is help out there, and as always, we hope to MEAT you soon!

*We've had a lot of people throughout the community reach out already, if you would like to pitch in, find us on Venmo. When we can no longer carry the weight, we'll be sure to pass any funds along to those that can!!!

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