You are tired of hearing the term, supply chain in 2021, aren't you? Mhm, me too. The reason you're tired of hearing about the supply chain is simple: it's always part of a bad news story. Supply chain shortages, issues, blockage, etc., etc... The latest will be perhaps the biggest bummer of 'em all and, it's going to happen just in time for Christmas.

A booze shortage is heading our way

Remember panic buying? Toilet paper and cleaning supplies dominated our pantries and went missing from store shelves last year. This year, expect alcohol shortages to cause buyers to go nuts grabbing Black Velvet Canadian Whisky by the pallet. But, what's causing this and, will it really be widespread? Let's dig in.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

This all stems from California. Shops down in Southern California are currently struggling with alcohol shortages because of pandemic-related backlogs at the Port of Los Angeles, and also at the Port of Long Beach. These ports are the two busiest container ports in the entire country, and 40% of all shipping containers pass through there. Yes, that includes alcohol. But if you're thinking, "I like American-made beer or booze", you'll still see an impact.

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The issues are the ports have led to shortages of all kinds sorts of needed supplies, including glass bottles. Much of the alcohol we drink comes in a glass container of some sort.

Shortages are already being felt

While closer to home in Iowa it's not as noticeable though, COVID did screw up some of the imported spirits, in Texas, they're experiencing issues directly tied to the port backlogs. Texas TV station KYMA says in Texas the alcohol available for sale is down about 25% since before COVID-19, but sales are up about 15%. Meaning supply is down, demand remains high and, with the impending shortages, that's going to cause the issues foreshadowed in this article.

Oh man, this sucks, I have to sit with my family this Thanksgiving and Christmas and try to tolerate them SOBER? No thanks.  -Me

Again, this isn't impacting Iowa just yet. But, be prepared for a drier Thanksgiving and Christmas, and as a result of shortages, for hooch to cost more this holiday season. If you have a little extra dinero, maybe go buy some of your favorite liquor now. It may not be there when you need it most! Oh, and stay thirsty my friends.

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