Governor Kim Reynolds bill that would mandate Iowa fueling stations to carry a 15 percent ethanol blend is one step closer to becoming a reality. The bill just cleared the Senate Ag Committee without any debate.

Republican Senator Dan Zumbach was the only person to speak about the bill before the subcommittee and senate ag committee both voted to advance it. In an article by Radio Iowa Zumbach said.

Good bills come with questions. Good bills come with controversy. Good bills come with answers. This bill answers a lot of questions. Does it create some? Absolutely, but this bill is about doing what Iowans do and that's supporting Iowans.

The bill, also known as the Iowa Renewable Fuels Standard, was first proposed last year by Governor Reynolds, however, the bill didn’t make it far. The state’s fuel industry warned motorists that they would see higher pump prices at stations that had to pay to upgrade their equipment to handle the higher ethanol blends.

To combat this, this year’s proposal included waivers for smaller stations to show they can not afford to upgrade their equipment to handle the E-15, E-85, and B20 fuels.

It's about making corn and soybeans worth more. And having great fuel access everywhere.

The bill was developed on a state level due to all the uncertainty around the federal Renewable Fuels Standard.

The bill cleared the Iowa House last week with an 82-10 vote and is now heading to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

If the bill passes, any station that is installing underground storage after January 1, 2023, would be required to sell E15. All stations would be required to sell E15 in 2026 with the exceptions of those stations with a waiver.

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