As of Wednesday, December 1, 'The Other Place' on College Street in Cedar Falls announced its doors would no longer be open, effective immediately.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant explained that the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected business over the last two years, and it's been "too much for us to continue."

A beloved pizza chain and bar, 'The OP' has been adored by college students and locals for 50 years, and the post received plenty of love and lament from the community.

Some of the comments:

The OP gave me my first karaoke show waaay back in '91 and is a HUGE part of Ultimate Entertainment history. Thank you for well....everything!

Happy to say we were there from the beginning! So many great memories shared with our friends and family on the hill. You will be missed!

How much do we all have to donate to keep you open?  I am not okay.

This is heartbreaking. Those walls will always mean so much to me! I met some of my best friends there.

Thank you for all the incredible memories, raspberry Moscow mules, and top notch pizzas. We love you OP!

When my husband and I were just starting to get to know each other we’d go and do OP karaoke every Wednesday night. OP was a huge part of my college experience and I’m sad to see it leave The Hill.

Though College St. location will be closing, the chain will still have restaurants open on University Avenue in Cedar Falls and East Ridgeway Avenue in Waterloo.

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