With the recent devastation from the hurricanes in Florida, Texas & Puerto Rico, the tragic events that occurred in Las Vegas & Kansas this week, and the passing of influential figures like Hugh Hefner & Tom Petty, we could all use a bit of happiness...right?  Here are some little moments that make us feel better when we're feeling glum.

Chocolate Labrador Outdoors

The Daily Mail gathered this list of the best "small" things that give us joy, and I have to say that these are pretty much spot on:

10.  Having some lazy time where you just relax and do nothing.

9.  Doing a good deed.

8.  Hearing from an old friend.

7.  Finding money.

6.  Receiving a compliment.

5.  Getting a good deal.

4.  Petting your dog or cat.

3.  Clean sheets.

2.  Laughing with friends.

1.  A hug and a kiss.

These all seem pretty good to me! Get the full list HERE. :-)

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