It's finally here! The 2020 election. All across the United States, adult Americans who did not vote early will be heading to the polls to cast votes in the election, that includes a race for President of the United States of America.

2,095,581 Iowans registered to vote in 2020 (a state record) and 955,971 votes early/absentee as of Monday.

WHEN ARE THE POLLS OPEN TODAY? Polls will be open statewide today from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

CAN I REGISTER TO VOTE AT MY POLLING PLACE? Yes. In Iowa you may register and vote on election day. However, you first must go to the correct polling place for your current address on election day. You cannot show up at any poll. You'll find your polling site HERE.

I DON'T WANT TO VOTE IN PERSON DUE TO COVID, IS IT TOO LATE TO MAIL IN MY ABSENTEE BALLOT? All absentee ballots received that reach the county auditor's office by the time the polls close on election day (today) are eligible for counting. Absentee ballots received after the polls close on election day must be postmarked by the Monday before election day or earlier and received in the county auditor's office no later than noon on the Monday following the election. However please note, a filled absentee ballot cannot be delivered to the polling place on election day. Therefore, if you have not returned your absentee ballot yet, you have the a coupe options:

  • Deliver your voted absentee ballot to the county auditor's office before the polls close on election day.
  • Surrender your voted absentee ballot at the polls and vote a regular ballot in person.
  • Vote a provisional ballot at the polls if you cannot surrender your voted absentee ballot.


WHO WILL I SEE ON MY BALLOT TODAY? All Iowans will be able to vote in both the U.S. Presidential election, and the U.S. Senate Election for Iowa representation in the senate. However, ballots will differ from district to district. See your sample ballot HERE.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE POLLS TODAY If you're voting in Waterloo or Cedar Falls, there's a mask mandate, so be sure you wear your mask. If in-person voting is like early voting, expect long lines, especially at peak voting times. Good news, the weather forecast is very nice, and above average today, so if you have to wait outside, it will be pleasant.

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