I had never really done the math before, but this sounded right. I saw a claim that there are more cows in Iowa than people and confirmed that is indeed the case.

I've learned the hard way to not always believe things I see shared on Reddit. That's why I did a double-take on a share there that claimed we are outnumbered by bovines here.

If you look closely at the map, you'll see it was created based on data from Beef2Live so I went to their site to see where they got their numbers from. There are only 9 states where this is true and yes, Iowa is one of them:

South Dakota
North Dakota

Their chart shows that there are only 3,090,416 of us humans in the state while there are 3,700,000 cows. Heifers for the win I guess.

The highest percentage of cows to people goes to South Dakota where cows outnumber humans by a ration of over 4 to 1. Nebraska isn't much better (I could stop right there) with triple the cows to people.

I have to credit this Reddit person. While some posters might be off their rockers with inaccurate theories, this person nailed it. We are cow-intensive in Iowa and dang proud of it, too.

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