This Wisconsin woman sure has a lot of guts to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from her place of employment.

Wisconsin Police Arrest Woman For Embezzlement

The impacted company is Expanded Technologies Corporation in Kenosha. It was such a huge loss, the business almost went bankrupt. An employee stole $345,000. The chief executive officer started noticing missing money about a year ago. He figured out that the embezzling started back in the fall of 2020.

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When he approached her about the cash, she admitted to stealing it. Unfortunately, the suspect had already spent all of it. In a bit of a strange twist, the boss had to wait to fire the woman because she had total control of all the company's accounts. After letting the employee go, he called the police to press charges. Their investigation led to her arrest.

Wisconsin Woman Embezzles Thousands From Her Company

How Did Wisconsin Woman Embezzle From Her Company?

I still can't believe someone would take such a huge risk by embezzling from their work. Haven't they seen the record books? The thieves get caught and arrested every time. In this digital world, it's so easy to track down criminals because they don't hide their tracks.

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During an audit of the company's finances, there were many red flags discovered. The suspect created accounts for fake businesses. She also falsified invoices so checks would be sent to these made-up vendors. That money would then go straight into her account. It was a pretty sophisticated scheme she came up with. It's kind of scary what people are willing to do to steal money.

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