COVID-19 has caused cancellations and delays a-plenty locally this year including most recently the National Cattle Congress Fair in Waterloo. But here's a different kind of canceled we're facing: A mega, money-inducing shopping event. I'm talking about Black Friday. Named as such because it's suppose to be the day most retail stores go from being in 'the red' to being in 'the black'. But with social distancing seemingly not going anywhere in 2020, (maybe beyond) and the world's biggest retailer Walmart now staying closed Thanksgiving, is the tradition going to end in 2020?

While Walmart will still likely be open on the actual day-of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), what will it look like? What will it look like at Target? How about Best Buy? This has been such a strange year. Will stores limit the number of people coming through their doors when or if they are open? Will people feel safe going out and being in crowds? Is it fair to say 'we have only FIVE TV's or computers for X price'! We're only just now hearing the first murmurs of what the holiday season will look like. Sadly, it's reality we'll have to begin to consider: A very not normal 2020 holiday season.

There's already talk about Halloween trick-or-treating not happening in some towns... which is odd because that's the day EVERYONE wants to wear a mask. But never the less, we'll be hearing a lot more about the upcoming holiday season in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts?

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