The Iowa State Fair is scheduled to begin on Thursday, August 13th. That is less than 120 days from now. As we speak, Iowa's not yet hit its COVID-19 outbreak peak, nor does a peak even mean we're out of the woods. So what does that mean for our beloved late summer tradition? No one knows just yet, unfortunately.

In a recent interview with Radio Iowa, fair CEO Gary Slater says it's not time to speculate yet about the 2020 fairs fate. While he's right, it's hard to ignore what some experts are saying. Zeke Emanuel, director of the Healthcare Transformation Institute at the University of Pennsylvania is saying no large gatherings util the fall... Of 2021. Then there's reports that several Midwest governors, (Iowa's not included) are working on a plan to reopen businesses.

One thing that is for sure, no one really knows. Will hot weather in the summer and stronger UV rays from the sun spell the 'death' of the virus? Will our cases locally slow quicker than other states allowing us to reopen sooner? Is that even such a good idea?

Time will tell. But for now, fingers crossed we don't lose the great summer tradition that is the Iowa State Fair.

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