Iowa is, like every other place on earth, dealing with he COVID-19 pandemic. Recently a key discussion in our country has been whether or not masks should be mandatory for those in public. Think grocery shopping, running to Happy's for some beer, watching a Bucks game or a trip to Kohl's for example. While we've polled you on your thoughts on that topic before, there's no questioning the movement to mask up is gaining steam nationally.

Here in Iowa, only one city so far has passed a mask mandate. Monday, July 13, Iowa took one more relatively large step towards requiring citizens to wear a mask when out and about among their fellow Iowans. KWWL reports the Des Moines City Council has approved a resolution that requires all city employees and those who visit city buildings to wear face masks. One councilman wanted to go as far as requiring masks be worn public. However for a measure that strong, Governor Kim Reynolds would have to agree and sign off on it.

As the discussion and debate about masks continues on, you can expect to see tons of Facebook posts. Lots of opinions shared. And lots of new masks rolling out to stores. I have no doubt someone somewhere has an adorable Baby Yoda mask... I will find this person and we will be friends.

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