One of the first few things I checked out when I moved to Iowa was all of Downtown Cedar Falls. When you move halfway across the country to the Midwest in the middle of winter your surroundings tend to blend together. However, the one thing that really caught my eye even in the dead of winter, was Santa's Workshop.

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Grinches need not apply.

Earlier in the year, it was announced that a new business would be going up in the spot where the iconic and slightly cartoonish, Yuletide building always stood during the holidays. With this plot of land going to these growing businesses, it brought up the question for many; where would Santa's Workshop go?

In early July, we got an update on where this iconic piece of Cedar Falls history would go. Real estate agent Amy Wienand announced that she would be partnering with Downtown Cedar Falls to sell this tiny building. The entire process was done as a silent auction that concluded on Friday, July 16th.

This piece of holiday history ended up being sold for $2,400. Our next question has to be, who bought Santa's Workshop? It turns out that the tiny building won't be going too far from its Cedar Falls home.

A couple from Traer bought purchased this huge Christmas decoration. Jill and Doug Eilderts made this big purchase and plan to donate it to the Traer Chamber of Commerce. The city of Traer's holiday decorations were damaged in last year's derecho.  


Proceeds of this sale went to the Community Main Street and the "continued tradition of Holiday Hoopla."

University of Northern Iowa Murals in Downtown Cedar Falls

UNI grad student Isaac Campbell wanted to do something unique for his master's thesis. All across Downtown Cedar Falls are murals of old photographs. They are plastered onto the walls of fixtures in Downtown Cedar Falls with flour, water, and sugar. Nine murals decorate Downtown Cedar Falls. Let us know if you can spot them all!

Our Freedom Story mural - downtown Waterloo

Take a walk along the Cedar River in downtown Waterloo to view this 3,000-square-foot mural of the city's civil rights history shown abstractly through lines, shapes, and colors. Located behind the Waterloo Center for the Arts (near the Highway 63 bridge). Created by the Waterloo Youth Art Team.



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