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So, here I am scrolling through expensive houses, as I do - far too often. LOL. When I stumble upon the coolest looking log cabin.

I'm drooling looking at the photos and I'm legit 60 pictures deep before I stop to figure out what in the world I'm looking at. Thinking how many kitchens does this place have? Wait, is that a guest house? Just you wait. Mind blown!

Brad Wadsten Edina Realty, Inc.
Brad Wadsten Edina Realty, Inc.

Turns out this is legit a resort property that is for sale right now. You'll get the main nearly 10k square foot cabin plus SIX additional cabins on the lake. Not just on the lake, on a freaking private peninsula. Someone pinch me.

Now I'm invested and wondering how quickly I could scrounge together a few million for the down payment. The property is listed for $10.5 million and sits on more than 3 acres on Whitefish Lake in Pequot Lakes, MN - with 2,000+ feet of lake shore.

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Tell me it wouldn't be a dream come true to live on and run a resort. There's so much to love about all of this. From the spectacular fireplaces to the impressive lofted space to the breathtaking sandy beach to the dreamy patio, this place is remarkable. You can't buy it though, I've already called dibs. ;)

Minnesota's Hidden Gem: A Lakeside Resort Ready for New Owners

Have you ever considered owning a resort? Here's an incredible opportunity for someone. You could own 7 properties on Whitefish Lake for $10.5 million. Yes, please!

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

Click here to learn more and see the entire listing. 

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