You know the seven deadly sins right? Anger/hatred, Jealousy, Excess, Greed, Lust, Vanity & Laziness. Look, we have all sinned in one way or another because not one of us is perfect, but as a whole who sinful are we Iowans?

WalletHub recently did a study comparing each state based off of the seven deadly sins to find out which state's were the most sinful. Where did Iowa end up on this list? Well, Iowa has been named the 7th least sinful state in 2020. Among the seven deadly sins, Iowa ranked 37th for Anger/Hatred, 47th for Jealousy, 21st for Excess, 29th for Greed, 39th for Lust, 30th for Vanity and 45th for Laziness. Looks like the most work we need to do is on our Excess and Greed issues.

Personally I think it is great we are all pretty decent human beings that don't sin too much but others could argue that we should aim for a middle spot as not to seem too boring for tourists or as if there is nothing to do here in Iowa. However, Iowans know differently and that is all that matters. Check out where other states landed on the sinful states list here.

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