I have video proof that you should never leave Iowa boys alone with bikes, a ramp and a pond thanks to a recent share on TikTok.

Full disclosure: I was a child of the 70's. I grew up watching Evel Knievel jump everything in sight. Or, I should say I watched Evel ATTEMPT to jump everything in sight as he was often not successful.

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Based on the description stamped on the video, it appears this special video moment comes courtesy of Johnston, Iowa.

Note to potential Iowa parents. If you hear your Iowa child say "nothing can stop me", be very afraid. That is normally uttered right before we do something that probably shouldn't be done. When you see that this originated from Johnson, Iowa, that means you can double the potential trouble. I have family in that area and this is a regular day for them.

This video is one of the reasons why I make Iowa Chill my first and only stop on TikTok. They are a must-follow for fun video moments in our state.

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