Sometimes you just have to stand back and applaud genius. That's the case with a video I found making the rounds on TikTok showing what is possible when you live in Johnston, Iowa and have plenty of time on your hands and a love of toast. Seriously.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video should be worth a million. Shared recently out of Johnston, Iowa where the genesis of many great ideas begin.

If you're new to our state and aren't familiar with where Johnston is, it's the northern part of the Des Moines area. That alone should tell you a lot. The fact that a toast-mobile exists here might be the least surprising thing ever. The fact that the video share is referred to as a "shag wagon" is even more concerning.

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This video reminded me of a story I saw on Wired alluding to the fact that many self-driving cars look like toasters. I have to wonder if they've been to Johnston, Iowa. If not, they should really schedule a trip. I know at least one person they should talk to.

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