Erie Insurance reveals the top 10 things that are distracting us when we are driving and it's resulting in fatal car accidents. HINT: Texting is not number 1.

Senior Vice President of Personal Lines at Erie Insurance, Doug Smith says, "Distracted driving is any activity that takes yours eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel, or your mind off your primary task of driving safely."

Here are the top 10 driving distractions in fatal car crashes. It totals 95% because there are so many others that don't register a full percentage.

1. Daydreaming 62%

2. Cellphone Use (talking, texting, dialing) 12%

3. Distractions from outside the car (object, event, rubbernecking) 7%

4. Other occupants (talking or looking at someone else in the car) 5%

5. Using or reaching for a device brought into the car  (headphones, GPS, something in the back seat) 2%

6. Eating or drinking 2%

7. Adjusting audio or climate controls 2%

8. Using other car devices (adjusting mirrors, seats, wipers) 1%

9. A moving object in the car (pets, children) 1%

10. Smoking related (smoking, lighting up, ashing) 1%

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