Friends, dear friends... we're in the midst of a PANDEMIC!  Right now here in Iowa, all businesses including restaurants are at 50% capacity, we're practicing social distancing and, we have lost most all summer county fairs and festivals. Speaking of restaurants I haven't been to one since March. I've supported area eateries by getting curbside or delivery, but I haven't actually sat and ordered at one in almost three full months. My wife is too nervous about COVID-19, which I get. So we're continuing to avoid public activities of most any kind.

Because of that, we've had to have most groceries delivered. One major downside to delivered groceries is you're trusting someone else to select your meat for you. It can be frustrating when an expensive, but less than sufficient cut of steak comes to your door.That's why we need THIS invention... According to the New York Times, a butcher in Rochester, New York is using a refrigerated meat vending machine to sell his cuts of product to residents. GENIUS! He says it's so popular he has to restock it multiple times... a day!

He keeps it open 24 hours for people who are looking to purchase (no-contact) meat at off hours. He's also a local guy so they know where they're getting their meat. Again, genius.

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