Memorial Day may look a little different this year in the Cedar Valley. Of course with social distancing guidelines during this pandemic, you may not see big get together cook outs and parades helping to remember the fallen (which is of course what the day is all about). It may even be difficult to bring flowers to a cemetery or support a family of a fallen soldier, so what is going to to happen in the Cedar Valley to help honor the fallen this Memorial Day?

Well most Memorial Day events have been cancelled but Waterloo will be observing this day with an online service. As per the Courier, it has been announced that Channel 15 (Waterloo Public Access) will be airing an online observance that will feature Black Hawk County Supervisor Craig White announcing the Waterloo fallen veterans that have passed away since 2019's Memorial day.

The observances will be taking place at 8 am and 5 pm on Saturday, 11 am and 5 pm on Sunday, 5:30 pm, 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm on Memorial Day and 2:30 am and 6:30 am on Tuesday.

Please remember the fallen veterans and make sure to take some time to honor them this Memorial Day weekend.

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