Meeting a snowplow on the road is a gamble some days.  But passing a snowplow is almost never a good idea.

The plows are out for a reason, to clear the roadways and to put down sand or other product to help the roadways and your travel to be a more pleasant experience.  It has been my experience that the roadway behind a plow is much easier to manuever than the roadway infront of the plow.  That's why I have yet to find a good enough reason to pass a snowplow.

We need to appreciate the plow and the drivers.  Long hours, crappy roads, cranky "other" drivers, eating supper behind the wheel and did I mention LONG HOURS (especially THIS winter in the Midwest).

Watch in this video as a semi passes a snowplow on the right, clips the plow, sends the truck over a cliff and down a 300 foot embankment.

Thankfully the driver of the plow is alive, but I am sure full of bumps and bruises in places he never knew could have bumps and bruises.

With more snow on the way, this is just a friendly reminder of what can happen way to fast, without intentional fault.  Be safe on our roadways and thank our snowplow drivers too.



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