Apparently the Tooth Fairy is feeling a little more generous this year in other parts of the US.

The insurance company Delta Dental has something called the 'Tooth Fairy Index,' which tracks how much the Tooth Fairy leaves for a tooth.  For 2020, the average payout jumped 33 cents to over four bucks per tooth.

The national average now sits at $4.03, up from $3.70 last year. But that's still lower than the all-time high of more than $4.50 in 2017.

Kids in the Northeast are currently getting the biggest payouts at $4.35 on average.  In the South, it's 4.01 out West, $3.97 and kids in the here in the Midwest (which includes Iowa) are getting hosed, at just $3.71 per tooth. Sheesh!

So is four bucks a tooth fair?  Or too much? Another recent survey asked over 7,500 people.  And 53% said somewhere between $1 and $5 sounds about right.

11% said less than $1 per tooth, 3% said more than $20, and roughly 1 in 7 Americans think kids should get NOTHING from the Tooth Fairy.

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