African swine fever is a highly contagious and deadly viral disease that affects pigs of all ages. Just like what we have been seeing with Avian Influenza, African swine fever (ASF) can have major impacts on the pork industry- especially here in Iowa.

To help protect pork producers across the United States and Iowa, the USDA has been researching vaccines. In his recent visit to Iowa, Secretary Tom Vilsack said there is progress on a potential vaccine.

We actually have five or six vaccines that we're working on, one of which is currently under some test trials in Vietnam, and at least the initial round of tests is very, very positive. So, the hope is we eventually get to a point where we develop those vaccines.

And on Wednesday, Vietnam announced they have successfully developed a vaccine for ASF and they are aiming to be the first country to commercially produce it, says an article in Reuters.

The vaccine has been in development since November 2019 with partnerships with the United States and its immunity is expected to last six months.

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The USDA hopes to open a facility in Kansas to research and develop vaccines for animals which could open in 2024.

That's a lab that's, from a biosafety perspective, really tight, so we'll be able to do a little bit more accelerated work on vaccines.

African swine fever has not been found in the United States yet. The closest to the US it has been detected in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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