Time to dig out those pesos you saved from Cancun spring break 2003.

McDonald's is bringing four international food items to their menu this week:

A bacon Gouda burger from Spain...a tomato mozzarella chicken sandwich from Canada...bacon cheese fries from Australia...and a caramel waffle McFlurry from the Netherlands.

On Thursday (June 6, 2019) between 2:00 and 5:00pm, you can buy any one of those items at McDonald's for any FOREIGN CURRENCY. Just bring in any foreign currency, and get one of their four #WorldwideFavorites menu items in exchange. (participating locations)

It doesn't matter what country it's from, how much you've got, or how much it's worth...you can trade it in for one of those items.

One of the many benefits of working at a radio is free food (DJ's LOVE that!). Recently, a local McDonald's representative stopped by station and dropped off a bunch of their new international food items. I tried one of the bacon Gouda burgers, and I must say it was very GOUDA! Get it? Yah, I know, that's very cheesy! Speaking of cheese, how do you make the best fries even better? You put bacon and cheese on them! Those Australians really know what they're doing! Then top it off, with a delicious caramel waffle McFlurry...and it's time for an afternoon nap!

McDonalds...I (really am) LOVIN' IT....

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