After news broke of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade early on Friday morning, protests started popping up all across the country.

One protest in Cedar Rapids took a dangerous turn on Friday evening.

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A few hours after the decision went public, various pro-choice organizers started to plan protests across the state including; Des Moines, Iowa City, Sioux City, and Cedar Rapids.

According to multiple organizers, the Cedar Rapids demonstration was to take place at 6PM in the parking lot on the corner of 8th Avenue and 2nd SE. Individuals interested in participating were expected to arrive around 5:30 PM, according to the Facebook Event page.

According to witnesses and multiple accounts on social media, at 7:17 PM a truck driver  "ran down" two protestors at this gathering.

This Tweet and the full thread started to circulate minutes after the reported incident took place. Lyz Lenz, a local reporter on the scene witnessed  Witnesses and several reports are saying that the truck driver allegedly drove into this group as they crossed the street around 8th in front of the Federal Court House.

The driver of the Ford truck captured in the photo below was reportedly waiting at a red light in downtown Cedar Rapids when protesters began to cross the street.

Witnesses claim that he inevitably moved forward after getting "impatient," and maneuvered around "several cars to ram protesters" according to the Huffington Post.

Lenz reported that the driver's wife "screamed and told him to stop" as he ran over the two women. It looks like everyone is in stable condition and will be just fine. One of the women involved had her foot run over by the vehicle.

Cedar Rapids police confirmed that the injured pedestrian was interviewed on-scene by CRPD and was transported by a private vehicle to a hospital for evaluation.

CRPD also interviewed the driver of the vehicle who came forward to authorites voluntarily.

Video of the incident was captured by protesters in Cedar Rapids.

Warning: the video is disturbing.

This is currently still a developing story. We will continue to keep you updated as more details are released.

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