Blink and you'll definitely miss it!

I finally made my way to Iowa City for an event at the University of Iowa. This was a free lecture featuring one of my favorite social media content creators. You can read more about that here!

After the event, my friend who used to be a student there gave me an impromptu tour of the campus as we made our way to grab something to eat. She pointed out some of the unique buildings on campus, and one of them caught my eye!

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The building that got my attention was Calvin Hall. It's located at 5 West Jefferson Street and is currently where the office admissions is currently housed. It was built in 1865 and was dedicated to UI professor Samuel Calvin.

Calvin was appointed the Iowa State Geologist in 1892 and served in that position until he passed away in 1911, according to the University of Iowa.

He also was the curator of the UI Museum of Natural History.


Calvin Hall was featured very briefly in one of the most well-known sitcoms of all time. If you happen to be going back and rewatching 'Friends' on Max, you might spot the familiar college building.

But if you blink, you might just miss it!

The episode in which you can catch a quick glimpse of the Iowa building is in season ten episode eleven of 'Friends.'

Entitled "The One Where the Stripper Cries," this episode follows Ross and Chandler attending their college reunion. In some of the flashback scenes, you can see the exterior of Calvin Hall in Iowa.

So, technically Ross and Chandler are Hawkeyes, right?

Take a quick look at the exterior shot from the episode down below!


There are so many questions about this...

How did they get around to filming in Iowa? Why did they decide to grab B-roll  from the exterior of this one building on the University of Iowa campus?

All we do know is that it makes it that much cooler when we go back and binge watch 'Friends' and are able to dazzle our friends with this fun fact.

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